In the past, money was the driving force that allowed companies to advertise and reach customers. Small and medium sized entrepreneurs in the past, before the age of internet, have to rely only on word of mouth advertising especially when faced with budget constraints.

These days, internet marketing has changed how things work. Small internet marketing budgets have allowed companies to maximize their World Wide Web presence and even get new customers. With the right combination of social media, SEO, email marketing, and content marketing to name a few, it allowed them to compete even with the biggest brands in the market.

Another strategy that internet marketers can use is to have a professional web design. Just how important is a professional web design in today’s time?

Help reduce the bounce rate

Bounce rate is a crucial statistic that you always have to check. It tells you just how many people immediately lose interest in your website after seeing the homepage. Professional web design can help solve the problem. Good visuals can help promote a good first impression. Also, if you merge the right content and a well thought of navigation, you have a good combination that can keep your visitors.

Compete with other top brands

By having a website, it is possible that you will be visible alongside top brands in your niche. This means that you have an equal opportunity to showcase what you can offer without relying on your advertising budget.

Maximize mobile traffic

A lot of people today are using their phones and tablets in order to find products and services that they need. With a mobile friendly website, it is possible to maximize your potential traffic. Aside from the fact that it has exceeded the traffic on desktop, a lot of people are also willing to purchase using their mobile devices.

Establish your digital presence

Digital presence today is everything. Thanks to the internet, even a small business can be known by people in different parts of the world. Given a professional website, you develop your own branding regardless if you have a small business or you are simply an individual looking to gain that edge in getting hired in the workforce.

Establish trust

If you have your own website, there is a huge chance that there are more people that will trust your company.  A website is not only a place where they can see information about what you can offer. It is also a place where payments can be handled.

Can potential customers trust the company that is handling payments via credit cards? In today’s time when identity theft is on the rise, this becomes an important factor to always consider.

Internet marketing is now becoming a staple for any type of business to prosper. Over the years, a lot of small businesses have benefited from the strategic use of social media, content marketing and other methods known in internet marketing. But one important factor that you have to also remember is your web design. A good web design not only caters to your old market, it can also cater to new customers.

We are very satisfied with our new trademark identity and the way Mom’s Online Garage Sale carry out their business. It has been a great experience working with them and it’s already confident that we will hire them again.