person-apple-laptop-notebookThe modern World Wide Web is becoming more and more competitive. These days, companies and individuals are in need of web presence. Regardless if you own your business or you simply want to increase the chances of a potential employer seeing your name online, a website is an asset that you want to invest on. The very first step towards having a good website is hiring the right web designer.

These days, a lot of organizations and individuals buy ready-made themes.  Though it works in some occasions, nothing beats having a tailor fitted custom designed website. So how exactly do you find the right web designer? Here are some things you should look into.

Vast knowledge in coding

Web designers should have vast knowledge and experience in using different languages. Typically, a web designer has to least have knowledge in both HTML and CSS. However, it is also imperative to ask the web designer if he or she has knowledge in PHP. Typically, web designers who are also web developers have this knowledge.


It is important that the web designer is organized on how he or she approaches every client. A lot of web designers go straight towards designing a website just after a few questions with a client. One of the most ideal ways to make a website is to first have a framework approved by the client. Next, it is also important to make a mockup of every page required. This will make sure that there are fewer revisions when it comes to coding itself.


It is important to check the portfolio of your potential web designer. This gives you an idea what he or she can do to your website. You can even find a number of web designs that can potentially fit your taste. By looking at his or her portfolio, you will also know just how diverse is his or her knowledge in making websites.

Knowledge in mobile web design

An important factor to consider whenever you are getting a web designer is to make sure that he or she is knowledgeable in doing responsive designs. Keep in mind that a lot of your traffic nowadays will be coming from smaller screens. Failure to adapt to smaller screens can compromise your traffic and even conversions.

If you will have your website, it is important to be picky when it comes to your web designer and developer. You can always opt to hire a freelance web designer/developer or choose to have a company to do it.