Your presence online is an opportunity to be seen by your niche. In fact today, the World Wide Web is a place where billions of dollars are made by businesses. This is the place where even small companies have the chance of becoming successful. But of course, if you are starting your business online, it is better to make things right.

If you plan on starting an online business, it is crucial that you look at your web design closely. The right web design can make or break your business. This simply means that not all types of web design fit your company. Just how exactly does web design affect your online business?


Did you know that 8 out of 10 people using Google only stick to the first result page? This means that if your website doesn’t appear on top of the search result, there’s a chance that you are losing a good number of traffic.

The right web design can make your website visible in their searches. How exactly does web design affect SEO? Google algorithm has a number of designs on its list that is no longer recommended. The use of flash, for instance, can even de-index your website. Also, if your website is not responsive, this can also be a problem. If you notice, mobile searches prioritize websites with responsive web designs.

Improve potential conversions on mobile

Mobile web design is now a must. No one can deny that the trends are clearly headed towards the use of mobile phones and tablets. These days, there is more traffic in mobile than in desktop. Also, do you know that those who view on their smaller devices are usually ready to buy products from your website? By having a responsive website, not only is your website becoming visible in mobile searches, it also helps encourage people to buy from you when they are on their phones and tablets.


Branding is important if you want to reach a good number of potential customers. It affects just how other people see your company online.

Come to think of it, branding pertains to the overall persona of your company. Your website should be able to help develop branding of your company. You can make use of the right typography, color and imagery that reflects how you want your company to be seen.

User experience

Design shouldn’t be just about aesthetics. It should also be about the usability of the website. A good and well thought design can help reduce the number of steps in order for a potential customer to make the purchase.

For instance, if you are still using hamburger menu even for the desktop view of your website, this can be counterproductive. It takes multiple numbers of steps before users can get to the right page of your website.

Keep in mind that first impression last. A good web design can establish a good first impression to your market. But other than first impression, a good web design can also fuel more interest on the part of the visitor. Overall, a good web design can help businesses in different ways. If you plan on having a website, better make it right to improve your overall digital presence.