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Web Hosting in Canada + Web Design: Tips To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

If you are looking to increase your online revenue, increasing web traffic to your website or increasing sections or content may not be the answer to this. However, if you can increase the conversion rate, then you can get positive results. This is really down to web design & speedy web hosting, various techniques can be used to increase your leads from the same pool of traffic.

The first important aspect would be to have a great web host, as speed influences not only how many visitors stay on the site, it also plays a role in SEO. Having your site run on a fast website hosting provide can make a massive difference. Finding the best web hosting provider in Canada can be a pain though, as you’ll have to first learn all the terminology that comes with it (things like RAM, bandwidth, addon and sub-domains, nameservers, dns, etc.), you also need to be able to sort it all in a spreadsheet. Luckily for us, a lot web hosting bloggers in Canada have already done the work for us and sorted the best Canadian web hosting companies in their awesome lists.

But to get back to boosting website conversion rates… Your CR is basically the number of prospects or users, who go ahead to buy your product or services after they visit your website. There are a few common and popular ways to increase the conversion rate of websites like content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Apart from these, there are other tried and tested methods as well to improve conversion rate.

A few of those tips and tricks are discussed below:

Prominent Call-to-action: Make the call-to-action button, unmissable. It should have a visually prominent design with the clear and exact action to follow. You can also use soft pop-ups when the use is idle on your site.

Easy Conversions: The conversion process should be easy and simple. Do not ask for too many details. Rather, make the first step simple like asking for just name and email id. The rest can follow once the buyer is actually buying the product or service.

Using testimonials, videos: Use proof to validate your offering. Show them the value by putting up textual or video testimonials. This strategy always works as it adds to your credibility with a personal touch. This is an assurance to build on the trust.

Avoid jargon, use simple language: Use very simple language to explain things to the viewer. You can elaborate on the offerings, but the steps to follow or user action-oriented section should be very simple. Avoid industry jargons or too many technical terms.

Use tutorials, demos: Demos or samples always work. Put up videos or tutorials on how to use the product, keeping it simple. It makes the viewer more confident about the product and urges them to make the buy.

Try A/B testing (you can’t really split test web hosting providers though): Here, you can create two websites with two different headlines, but almost similar content. The A/B testing software directs 50% of traffic to either website. You can choose the one, which shows a higher conversion rate. This kind of testing also helps you to improve your website.

Be careful when choosing different methods to just increase traffic, as it can lead to zero conversions, sometimes, a negative impact too. Rather, make your website compact and use strong action words to influence the viewer’s decision. The key to increasing the conversion rate is to keep it simple and promote the value, rather than the offerings. The growing number of Internet users can is a good thing to improve the rate of conversion, yet your website needs to be interesting enough to catch the attention of the buyer.

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  • Web Hosting in Canda

    A good web host that brings speed to the equation also brings increased rankings. Did you know that 8 out of 10 people using Google only stick to the first result page? This means that if your website doesn’t appear on top of the search result, there’s a chance that you are losing a good number of traffic.

  • Improve potential conversions on mobile

    Mobile web design is now a must. No one can deny that the trends are clearly headed towards the use of mobile phones and tablets.

  • Branding

    Branding is important if you want to reach a good number of potential customers. It affects just how other people see your company online.

  • User experience

    Design shouldn’t be just about aesthetics. It should also be about the usability of the website. A good and well thought design can help reduce the number of steps in order for a potential customer to make the purchase.